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How to Renew a Passport

Many reasons force someone to renew his or her passport. The process of renewing is more fast and easier than that of applying. Renewal can be done online, by mail or going to a government passport office. After a certain period, passports should be renewed. You cannot travel out of a country when they expire because they change and become invalid. To change it again to become a valid version or a travel document, you should renew your old passport. Some set requirements must be followed in case you chose to renew your passport via mail. To add on this, this option of renewing passport via mail isn’t available to every country. The country sets those guidelines so that you follow when renewing your passport. The passport should not be damaged and also should have same names for it to be renewed.

After the date of issue, many countries set the passport to expire after ten years. You will need to pay a certain amount that will cater for processing and mailing when renewing your passport. Renewal of passport can be done either before the expiry date or after they have expired. After fifteen years, one cannot validate his passport. They will have to apply a new passport that will cost even more than the renewal fees if you fail to validate.

With the help of internet these days, a lot of people are renewing their passport online where they fill out some forms. Due to change in technology, many countries these days are allowing this option of passport renewal. Visiting of a government office will only be done by those citizen who live abroad and need to renew their passports. Due to security reasons, the renewed passports will only be mailed to foreign embassies. Also due to some different reasons, at times the government speed up the renewal process of passports. For example, If a citizen passes away while abroad the government may speed up the process. Some cases like the urgent need of passport to work abroad or travel reasons, obtaining a visa are processed quickly with fees attached for timely delivery.

You should fill out the forms with correct information when renewing your passport. When you try to put wrong information, legal action by the authorities will be taken on you. You should report and start the process of renewing if your passport gets damaged. More to that, you are supposed to keep your passport in a clean and in order so that it may not get damaged easily and hence the need to be careful. To renew a damaged passport, you are supposed to go to the passport agency in person and file for renewal.

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