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Guide to Writing a Memoir

If you want to write a memoir, you will find difficulty in starting to write. Your memoir can contain events in your life that are happy and events that are sad. What are the elements of a good memoir?

Here are some tips that can help and encourage you to write down your memoir.

There is a difference between a memoir and an autobiography; memoirs only include a small portion of your life while an autobiography is the story of your whole life. Your autobiography can contain your memoir or you can also say that your memoir is only a part of your autobiography. Just keep focused on your chosen event in our life. Do not wander off in any other direction.

If you don’t start writing now, then you will not be able to write. You need to write something every day. It is better if you can write at the same time, the same place and the same amount of time each day. You can begin by saying ‘I remember’ and write about what you did remember.

Include important people and events and do not include those that are not important to the story. Even if you are so fond of someone, if that person does not need to be in the story, then you don’t have to include him. Some important people to your do not have to be included if the event you are writing about do not include them. If someone or something helps continue your story line, then it should be included.

Moving memoirs are what people look for. Like fiction novels, readers look to be involved and to have their attention kept. Memoirs are not just an enumeration of event in their proper order. You need to bring your story or scene to life and you can use dialogue, suspense, or describe the setting in detail.

Some places have memoir writing groups or clubs or you can search for online memoir writing groups which you can join to learn more about this type of writing. You can use search engines for suggestions. You can also take a class at your local college or online. If you want to improve your writing skills then look for an experienced writer who can help you.

Memoirs are written in the first person because it is your story. You are the only one who can tell it from your own point of view.

Once you know who the people to include are and what events to write about, then you should start writing the details. The reader can then picture what is happening in their mind depending on the details that you give.

Finish your memoir first before editing. It is not advisable to stop to edit when your ideas are coming out quickly. You can lose your train of thought and direction if you stop to edit your work. Save your editing for later.

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